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"Together, Saving the Island We Love"

Strategic Direction

In early 2017, through a generous grant from the van Beuren Charitable Foundation, ALT completed its new Strategic Plan. Although ALT’S core mission, to conserve important open lands on Aquidneck Island, has not changed, the way we measure community impact has changed. In a different era, the protection of open space in and of itself connoted impact. Today, we ask questions such as: What community objectives have been met by and through the protection of that open space? Does it provide a young farmer with quality soils to farm? Does it filter pollutants from the storm water before it reaches our drinking water supplies? Does a new park provide children with a play area within walking distance of their home where none existed previously? These are the questions that we, as a relevant nonprofit community partner, must ask ourselves day in and day out.

Strategic Plan


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