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Hiring for Summer – Miantonomi Park Program Assistant

The Aquidneck Land Trust’s (“ALT”) mission is to preserve and steward Aquidneck Island’s open space for the lasting benefit of the community while connecting people with the lands that define the island’s natural character. ALT has permanently conserved over 2550 acres on the Island on 76 properties through conservation easements across a diversity of land including farmland, parks and recreational fields, watershed lands, wildlife habitat, land with scenic vistas, and cultural landscapes. ALT also holds a variety of outreach events throughout the year to increase awareness of the organization and conservation work needed on the Island. More information about ALT at

The Miantonomi Park Program Assistant will assist Aquidneck Land Trust and a collaboration of organizations known as the Newport Open Space Partnership in increasing programming and activities in Miantonomi Park for the summer of 2017. Miantonomi Park is located on Newport’s north side and is the largest city owned park in Newport at 30 acres. It is protected as open space by an Aquidneck Land Trust conservation easement. The primary role of the Program Assistant will be to open Miantonomi Memorial Tower to the public Sundays between 11am and 2pm while also planning 5-6 activities in the park as part of Miantonomi Park Exploration Days. The Program Assistant will also coordinate with other park programming staff from partner organizations such as City of Newport, Newport Health Equity Zone, and the Newport Open Space Partnership.

Please submit a resume and a statement less than one page stating both why you’d like the position and why you would be a good fit, to Alex Chuman, Stewardship Director, at as one pdf file, with the email titled “Miantonomi Park Assistant” by May 29th.  Applications will be reviewed as received and interviews will follow shortly after. Position should start around June 5 but flexibility is possible. Aquidneck Land Trust is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Title: Miantonomi Park Program Assistant

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Open Miantonomi Tower every Sunday from June 11th to September 1st. Tower will be open 11am to 2pm. Park Assistant will need to arrive by 10:30am to set-up signs and an information table, and should plan on leaving by 2:30pm (between 2pm and 2:30pm the Park Assistant will need to clean the area and lock up the tower).
  • Speak about the history of the park and provide information about the Memorial Tower, the mission of the Aquidneck Land Trust, and upcoming Aquidneck Land Trust and Newport Open Space Partnership events and volunteer opportunities. Training and information will be provided by ALT staff.
  • Plan and coordinate 5-6 small 10-30 person public events (1-2 hours) as part of a Miantonomi Park Exploration Days series. Events will be determined in consultation and with assistance of ALT staff. Examples may include park-cleanups, birding walks, history tour of the park, group exercise, sports games, etc. The Program Assistant will organize and be the point person on each event. This includes reaching out to partners or experts, taking RSVPs, promoting the event, and being there for each Exploration Day event. These events will mostly precede or follow Tower openings on Sundays, but 1-2 may take place on Saturdays or weekday early evenings. Dates to be determined.
  • Coordinate events and activities with the Newport Open Space Partnership’s Park Activator staff which will have concurrent programming in all of Newport city parks, including Miantonomi Park.

Duration: 6-12 hours a week, depending on event schedule and need for planning/promoting in any individual week. Position may not exceed 170 total hours. A 4 hour shift every Sunday 10:30am-2:30pm between June 11th and September 3rd (totals 13 Sundays – there is some flexibility for fill-ins if there are existing vacation plans, etc). Presence at the 5-6 other activities is also required. Planning and organizing involved otherwise is flexible and can be performed off-site. The remaining hours are for the 5-6 small events and time spent either in the ALT office or externally on planning and organizing events.

Start Date: Tower openings start June 11. Targeted start date is flexible but ideally week of June 5th. Time spent prior to June 11 will be spent on promoting, training, and planning.

End Date: September 4, 2017

Rate: $15/hr.

Training: Provided by Aquidneck Land Trust staff

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