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"Together, Saving the Island We Love"

Little Creek Preserve: An Important Island Property

Help Us Meet the Challenge to Save Little Creek Preserve!

Little Creek Preserve is a spectacular 15.6-acre property that abuts the Sakonnet Greenway Trail, off of Bramans Lane, in Portsmouth. We must raise $368,000 by May 1, 2018┬áto permanently conserve this important property. Thanks to your support, we have matched successfully completed the $25,000 Challenge grant offered by a generous donor. A second generous donor has offered another match; every gift will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, up to $20,000 to help us reach our goal. We are so grateful for this amazing support – both to the givers of the Challenges and to those who have donated to help us meet them.

The Little Creek River headwaters begin from a freshwater spring on the property, and eventually empty into the Sakonnet River, three miles to the south. The wetlands, headwaters, pond and natural spring make it extremely valuable from a water resources perspective.

The wetlands and pond provide excellent habitat for a range of amphibian and avian species, including songbirds and waterfowl. Wood ducks, spring peepers, woodchucks, turkeys, resident and migratory songbirds, barn owls and various small mammals are all at home on this beautiful site.

Its acquisition would expand recreational and educational opportunities from the existing trail system and create a larger network of protected wildlife areas on Aquidneck Island. Your generous donation will help ALT conserve Little Creek, and will be matched by the challenge grant…thank you for your support!


Join our Leadership Circle today and help conserve Little Creek!

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Photo by: Craig Issod