Middletown, RI. – March 23, 2022 – ALT announces the conservation of a 14.73-acre Middletown property located on Green End Avenue between Vaucluse and Howland Avenues. The property, now known as Green End Preserve, features upland meadow habitat and prime soils on half of its area. The uplands roll down to a large wetland area surrounding a portion of Little Creek, a 3-mile stream that empties into the Sakonnet River. Green End Preserve is contiguous to other ALT-conserved land and is part of a scenic viewscape from Green End Avenue. Its upland and wetland riparian area provide habitat for foraging and nesting by birds, amphibians, insects, and mammals.

Newport homebuilder Mark Horan purchased the property in 2019 with plans to build between four and seven homes there. ALT approached Horan in 2020, eventually reaching a deal to purchase the property from him and conserve it in perpetuity. “We appreciate Mr. Horan’s willingness to work with us to protect this important Aquidneck Island property,” said Charles Allott, ALT Executive Director. “Thanks to generous donations from ALT supporters, we’ve added nearly 15 acres of high conservation value land to the growing list of conserved properties on the island.”

ALT has conserved 90 properties totaling 2,706 acres since 1990, with a focus on farmland, forestland, fields, wildlife habitat, and conservation within Aquidneck Island’s drinking supply watersheds and along ponds, rivers, and creeks. The organization also prioritizes land used for recreational purposes; it has conserved 13 miles of free walking trails on the island and numerous public access properties.